The Pod Project


The word Pod can mean:

 greek for foot

 a vessel of seeds such as peas

a detachable unit 

a group of dolphins


 Patient's Own Data

What is the Pod Project?


The Pod project supports the collection, recording, analysis and publication of Patient's Own Data using Patient Recorded Outcome Measures (PROMS).

Pods may consist of groups of therapists with similar treatment interests; a single therapist doing the same, or indeed a clinic or a pharmacy.

PROMS are whatever  you want them to be. You might create your own questionnaire, use MYMOPs or condition specific questionnaires or wellbeing questionnaires

How does it work?

 We recommend using a database platform hosted by Wecudos. Why?



  • All data about patients and their PROMS are stored in one place

  • The accumulating data are ready for analysis. Some analyses are even done for you

  • All the information you provide is kept securely and confidentially. Data collection and storage adheres to the highest security standards

  • We have negotiated a good deal with them

  • You can create a bespoke platform/Pod that works for you


You select which PROMS patients complete and how often. You invite the patient to enrol on the platform. PROMS are automatically sent to them. Whenever you want, analyse and report the data. 

How do I take part?


  1. First identify your Pod. Is there a specific condition you treat a lot of? or are you interested in all patients in your clinic? Current Pods include patients with autism, psoriasis, & long-COVID. 

  2. Decide who will be in your Pod. Are you doing this on your own, or would you like to work with a group of therapists with similar treatment interests? 

  3. Meet up with your Pod and decide on the basics:

    • What to call your Pod

    • What PROM you want to use?

    • How often you want patients to complete it?

    • How long will the project run for?

    • What message of invitation to send your patients?

  4. Set up your Pod.

    • Enrol on the database platform via Health Hawk

    • Input your selected PROM template (or use one already there)

    • create a 'Plan' (how often to send the questionnaire) 

    • Input your message of invitation to send your patients

    • Start inviting patients ​


How we can help


We can help you get started. Inputting questionnaires, generating links and navigating the platform can all be a bit daunting to begin with. Within reason, Philippa can guide you through this ( 

If you're interested in joining an existing Pod, we can put you in touch with Pod leaders.


Philippa can also be commissioned to help with the data analysis, write up and publication.



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