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                     is an 'outcome measure' - a tool for measuring what patients want to 'come out of the treatment'.

It was developed by Dr Charlotte Paterson in the 1990s to help evaluate a new complementary medicine service she was introducing in her GP practice. It is now managed by a company called Meaningful Measures
If you wish to use MYMOP, you now need to obtain a licence from them.

MYMOP (Measure Your Medical Outcome Profile) is a short one page questionnaire. There are two types: an initial form for the very first time you see your patient (Initial Form), and one for any follow ups you have (Follow up Form).

The initial MYMOP questionnaire is completed during the first consultation. The patient chooses one or two symptoms that they are seeking help with, and that they consider to be the most important.

These choices are written down in the patient’s own words and the patient scores them for severity over the past week on a seven-point scale: 

0 = as good as it can be
6 = as bad as it can be

The patient then choses an activity which is limited because of their condition
, and scores it for how limiting it is. Finally they rate their wellbeing during the last week.
Completing the MYMOP form will only take one minute of your time, as demonstrated on the One Minute MYMOP video.
On follow-up questionnaires the wording of the previously chosen symptoms is unchanged. Follow-up questionnaires may be administered by post if required.

What symptoms patient's select also provides really useful information about what bothers them. 

Analysing your patient's responses

 Add up your patient's scores and work out the average. You now have a single number. If you want to look at MYMOPs for a bunch of patients, you can create an average score by adding up all your patient's average scores, and dividing the total by the number of patients (thus creating an average, average score!).

You can then compare your patient's scores over time. Ideally you'll want to see those scores going down as your patient improves. 

A useful spreadsheet for recording MYMOPs can be downloaded from here.

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