Collecting Information

The information your patients provides can help you and your patient communicate more effectively about how they are, what they need treatment for and how they are getting on.
It may be useful to collect all this information in one place. One way of keeping this information is the Making Cases Count summary sheet. This sheet summarises all your information for each patient in one place. You might find this informaiton helps you quickly assess the effects of different types of treatments on your patients' symptoms and their overall wellbeing.
The summary sheet is downloadable as a Word document so you can adapt it for your practice.

The information you collect can be helpful in many ways....


The information you collect (once anonymised) can also help you communicate more effectively with other stakeholders – future patients, other therapists, other healthcare practitioners, commissoners of healthcare (charities, NHS) and funders (e.g. healthcare insurers). Researchers interested in different disease, conditions and therapies will also find this information useful.

Below are examples of reports that have been produced. All have used the MYMOP outcome measure

Unpublished reports

Reports published in peer reviewed journals

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